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Are you looking for help to research and present your company’s history? Maybe an important anniversary is approaching and you want to make the most of this special occasion for your corporate communications and PR activities? Or perhaps you would like someone to investigate your family history for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Let us write your story

Geschichtsbüro Reder, Roeseling & Prüfer has been helping companies, associations, foundations and other institutions to leverage their history for corporate communications and PR purposes since 1999.

What you can expect of us:

  • As historians, we research your history with scientific precision in the context of time and industry trends.
  • As authors with a journalistic training, we write texts that are fun and interesting for your employees, business partners and customers to read.
  • As an agency, we support you with products that help to convey your key communications messages – whether or not you are celebrating an important anniversary.

Working together with you, we find the optimum media for presenting your history – be it a handsome book, an absorbing brochure or an entertaining magazine. We can turn your story into exciting films or stimulating exhibitions; we produce audio books and e-books or provide Internet content.

With us, your story is in excellent hands.

We help you to choose suitable media for a sustained approach to history communication and, together with you, we devise an apposite communications concept. Thereafter we originate the agreed concepts, products and media.

Contact us to arrange a consultation without obligation.

What can we do for you?

Your life and family history shape your personality and your character. Likewise, for companies and associations, history defines their corporate culture. Get better acquainted with your past and tell your story! By doing so, you will earn the trust of employees, business partners and the general public, and gain valuable insights for your work within the company.

Geschichtsbüro will be happy to support you in successfully applying your history to your corporate communications. Turn our wealth of experience, accumulated in more than one-hundred projects, to your advantage.

Nothing is as exciting as your story!

  • Why bother with corporate history?

    In an age of global competition and increasing comparability of products and enterprises, your history impressively documents who you are and why your customers can rightly count on your quality, reliability and innovative power.

    A corporate history communicates your company’s distinctive identity, brand and messages more persuasively and more credibly than any image brochure anchored only in the present. The key messages of your corporate communications – such as quality „Made in Germany“, sustainability, partnership, responsibility, reliability, independence, flexibility and even innovative power and future potential – can be substantiated by tracing your company’s history.


  • History reaches different target groups

    A persuasive and historically authenticated account of a company's past reinforces customers' confidence in its credibility, capability, reliability and expertise.

    It is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge and offer thanks to employees, strengthening their commitment to the company and giving them reason to feel proud. The emphasis on historical transformation also generates understanding of necessary change processes and supports change management. It aids the integration of new employees and locations, and is helpful when competing to attract the best minds. A corporate history improves a company’s reputation and image in the public eye; it presents the enterprise to business associates as a capable and reliable partner.


  • History creates and preserves identity

    A company's present-day character and distinctive identity are not ephemeral advertising messages, but the culmination of a successful and vibrant history.

    This identity has evolved over time and cannot be changed or reinvented arbitrarily; it is a company’s bedrock, its eternal value and unique selling point. History sharpens a company’s profile and reveals uniqueness.


  • History is a sustainable investment in your brand

    The researching and presentation of an individual company's history is an effective, long-term investment in its brand and reputation.

    It enhances the company’s image and boosts the esteem in which it is held by customers, employees and business partners, as well as in industry, the media and by politicians. A stimulating narrative strengthens and adds emotional value to your brand. The skilful portrayal of past and present demonstrates self-confidence and a sense of economic and cultural worth. The associated advance in reputation and recognition will endure well into the future.


  • History boosts trust

    In times of increasingly impersonal relationships, digital networks and large global corporations, trust is an important value.

    A convincing presentation of its own history reinforces trust among a company’s customers, employees, the media and general public since it shows reliability, trustworthiness and expertise. Familiarity with a company breeds greater confidence in that enterprise than in an unknown and anonymous entity. Readers of the book perceive that they can trust the experience and know-how of your company.


  • History brings the future into focus

    A book about a company's development does not dwell on the past, but presents a complex, dynamic and accelerating process that illuminates the present and glances towards the future.

    Indeed, new markets and innovative products not only characterise the future, but have also been important in the past. All previous entrepreneurial activity, every innovation and decision, have been designed to safeguard the future. A good company history is therefore a tale of confidence and of shaping the future. Once completed, a company history is not the end, but simply marks a brief pause in a dynamic evolution: an opportunity to look back and a time to look forwards to the years ahead. An image brochure is a mere static snapshot of the present without historical depth, dynamism and future potential. A readable history book, on the other hand, embraces movement and change, describes developments and thus points to the future.


  • History can be presented on many occasions and by varied media

    There are many different ways of leveraging a company history for internal and external communication purposes.

    Alongside the classic print options, a wealth of new electronic media is available to present your story. Different forms are suitable, depending on the occasion and background, messages and target groups.

    Get to know your history!